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5 Mistakes Every Facebook Advertiser Makes with Interest-Based Targeting

Every Facebook advertiser seems a bit brash here, but we’ll let it slide… 

Anywho, it likely isn’t news to you that targeting is one of the most important things to do when advertising on Facebook. And interest-based targeting is one of the best ways to zero in and build your audience.

But, just like everything on the social platform, there are ways you can do it totally wrong, too… Ways that might just cost your business a pretty penny to advertise (to essentially no one).

The article below will hopefully help you avoid all that by outlining 5 critical mistakes people often make in interest-based targeting. It’s also in video format if that’s more your speed this morning. (Same, same.)

If you still need to build a killer Facebook advertising strategy—or simply don’t have the time to keep up with your own—we wanna help. Hey, we pride ourselves on being experts on these sort of things.

1. Treating Interests Like They’re Equal

Treating people equally, yes. Not so much for interests on Facebook.

Let’s say you are planning to target golf as an interest because you’re selling something golf-related… Make sure to follow what DigitalMarketer calls The ‘But No One Else Would’ Trick. You’ll notice that the more famous your target is, the harder the audience will be to target. Focus on individuals that will resonate exclusively with golf enthusiasts.

2. Going for the Most Obvious Interests

Naturally, if you target obvious interests, you’re going to be fighting against countless of advertisements. Don’t pursue the targets that everyone else is pursuing. Instead, consider targeting the biggest names in the interest. Think about what your customer is interested in beyond your initial target. People interested in fishing will likely be interested in outdoor activities like camping and hiking.

3. Not Using Layering

Using layering means that you are targeting the overlapping section when two or more interests combine. Don’t stop at two interests. Make your targeting really count and go deeper by adding more layered interests. You’ll eventually find that magical overlap, and that’s where your razor-precision-targeting shall lie… 


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