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5 pillars of a holistic marketing measurement plan

How many people know what you do? And if they have an idea of what you do, do they know how you do it? The world of digital marketing is shrouded in mystery for many outside its sphere. If you’ve seen The Social Dilemma, you probably weren’t surprised by what you saw, but it came as a shock to many.

The issue is privacy. While privacy for users ought to be upheld, how do we marketers adapt to changes that will render some of our existing strategies obsolete? Google helps to answer this question with 5 pillars of a holistic marketing measurement plan.

  • Leverage the power of first-party data. Data is the new oil, and your business has its own reserve. Tap into that data! It’ll show you insights like which products and services new customers gravitate toward, or even which times of the year repeat customers make additional purchases. Knowing this will allow you to create promotions at the right time for the right products and services.
  • Bring first-party data together with cross-platform tools. Having various sources of data and no method of connecting it all together is like keeping a bunch of tools without a toolbox: some are bound to be forgotten or lost, so it’s best to keep them all together. A cross-platform analytics tool will bring all your data into one place so you can actually get a clear picture of your business.
  • Be transparent about data usage with your customers. Collecting user data is a sensitive issue for some. Rather than skirting around the topic with generic pop-ups filled with industry jargon, make an effort to communicate to your customers exactly what you’re collecting. Nobody wants to feel like they’re being spied on. 👀
  • Fill measurement gaps with modeled data. New and evolving updates and regulations are limiting the ways digital marketers can reach their hands into the cookie jar. Yes, it’s more difficult to see the conversion path without following the trail of cookie crumbs, but there are ways to gain the visibility we desire. Conversion modeling is the answer. With machine learning, existing and historical data can be analyzed to accurately fill in the holes in our data.

Number 5 is merely a click away. Check it out!


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