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5 Pitfalls of Google Ads Location Targeting

Here are 5 common pitfalls of setting your Google Ads location targeting:

  1. Avoid gut decisions: Don’t rely solely on personal biases and experiences; use data from Google Analytics to understand where your prospective customers are coming from and how well they convert.
  2. Don’t target based on demographic profile: Towns and cities have diverse populations, so don’t restrict your location targeting solely based on demographic profiles. Focus on improving ad targeting for specific demographics and other audience signals.
  3. Don’t over-rely on CRM data: While CRM data can be valuable, customers may search from various locations. Use CRM data as a starting point for analysis but not as the sole determinant for location targeting.
  4. Be cautious with radius targeting: Setting a radius for location targeting can have an exponential impact on the audience reached.  Reducing the radius is a way to control campaign costs.
  5. Regularly revisit your targeting: Locations, people’s habits, and search behaviors change over time. Revisit and update your location targeting settings at least every six months to ensure your campaigns remain effective.

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