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5 Q’s Startups Should Ask Before Making Their First Marketing Hire

Hiring for a startup can be extremely daunting for both the employer and the applicant. You have to know what you need so you can tell your applicants what you need. Otherwise, things are bound to be a mess. 

Here are the 5 questions to ask before hiring on your marketing team:

  1. Which marketing channels have proven successful to date? If you find a promising area, find a candidate that has expertise in it. You want to support what’s working for your brand.
  2. Where are the target customers? You’re likely going to have to look to competitor data for this one before you know your own. After seeing how/where your customers are, see the channels you would need to hire for most.
  3. How competitive is the market? Speaking of competition, what edge do you have on the big players in your industry? Hire to cater to that strength (i.e. storytelling).
  4. Where do the founder’s skills lie? Founders are often the brand builders of startups and have a vision in mind. BUT maybe you need a ground-up branding specialist first. Determine what founders bring to the table and see if their vision needs more support.
  5. How important is trust-building? Trust-building is often very important to brands in new industries or very revolutionary products. Hiring for this often leans more in the realm of PR experts.

Once you have these five biddies, then you can get into some of the deets like years of experience and a salary to match it. Check out the full TechCrunch article by clicking below.

Hopefully this helps startups and established teams alike. Now, we’ve all seen it: the ridiculously overwhelmed marketing roles for ONE person. There are unicorns out there that can do it all, but those roles are not sustainable. This is when all companies need to consider hiring agencies (wink) or expanding their team.


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