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5 Reasons Why 2021 Will Be the Biggest Year for Podcasting Yet

Video killed the radio star back in 1979. Well, the radio star is back and rebranded as a podcaster – and video is making room. Podcasts have offered listeners a new form of easily digestible content over the past few years, and there is nothing but growth in the forecast. Here are Wistia’s 5 reasons why 2021 will be the biggest year for podcasting yet.

  • Content marketing is fundamentally changing. The various media channels we access every day demand content in different formats. Written content still has a place, but the growth of podcasts cannot be ignored. Focus on how a podcast can fill gaps in your own content offerings.
  • Listenership and loyalty. 2020 was a record year for podcast listenership. According to data from Edison Research, the percentage of Americans tuning into podcasts at least once per month increased by 5% from 2019. This amounts to 37% of Americans listening to podcasts. People appreciate the varied podcast formats and the respite from channels saturated with quick, attention-grabbing, bite-sized reads.
  • Podcasts build brand trust and affinity. People who regularly listen to podcasts develop a connection to the podcast, and even the people or organization behind the podcast. This kind of connection can easily build trust between listeners and brands. This is exactly the case for Red Hat. Their Command Line Heroes podcast boosted Red Hat’s public opinion by 21% with 96% of listeners easily identifying the relationship between Command Line Heroes and Red Hat.
  • Podcast tools are easier to use and more affordable than ever. You don’t need the latest and greatest audio equipment or intensive technical know-how to get your own podcast going. At the bare minimum, you can get started with the microphone in your smartphone. What matters is you making and sharing the content. Don’t let the tools stand in the way, because they really don’t pose much of an obstacle.

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