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5 Research-Based Ingredients for Higher-Quality Content

You get it — the key to content marketing is creating quality content. You’ve probably heard that so many times you’re about to scream (Jordyn is currently sing-screaming about it. Someone make her stop?).

Don’t worry, we’re not going to preach that old news today. What we are serving up is the next step, or next 5 steps, to actually creating quality content. You can say “create quality content” all you want, but if you aren’t using these 5 ingredients…you probably aren’t actually creating quality content.

  1. Accuracy. With all the #fakenews out there, citing actual experts and actual research will build a ton of trust between you and your audience. Your opinions are not always facts.
  2. Accessibility. Make sure your content is published on a site that’s  mobile-friendly, fast, and delivers a great user experience. This also means that you need to use other formats than just text.
  3. Application. Your content always needs to answer the question: Does it meet them where they are, with clear guidance to get them where they want to go?
  4. Action Steps. You can talk for days about how great Facebook ads are and how they help you get business, but if you don’t help your audience use those tactics, then your content is subpar.
  5. Authority. This is kind of an abstract, but your content should answer the question: how am I uniquely qualified to answer this question? Basically, what makes you different?

Bonus: Sonia Simone wrote another blog post that is the “6th Magical Ingredient” to creating quality content.


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