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5 Ways to Prepare for the Cookieless Future

Maybe it’s a not-so-welcome reminder, but we’re just giving the people what they want!

So we’ve covered some of the big changes coming to privacy from Apple and Google. To summarize: Google is going to phase out third-party cookies as online tracking tools. And Apple plans to make its mobile device ID opt-in only, meaning cross-application tracking of site visitors is out the window. 

But are you ready for the cookie-pocalypse?

Don’t worry, they won’t be completely dead. Google just wants us to shift the strategy to first-party data use. A lot of companies are rolling with these punches and waiting until the 2023 deadline set by Google. But how do you shift to that strategy? Forbes has those five steps:

    1. Create A Data-First Strategy for Real People: Data and insights should be at the core of every decision marketers make, but being reactive is the kicker. This way you can be delivering relevant personalization instantly.
    2. For the 300th Time, Build a First-Party Data Strategy: Create your own people-based identifiers that don’t depend on third-party data. This can come from all of your channels, so maybe it’s time to see how each one is doing, or add new ones.
    3. Build Partnerships with Trusted Data Providers: So marketers need to be collecting more of their own audience data, AND extend their connections to high-quality first-party data providers. A great place to start is with CRM systems. 
    4. Diversify Your Digital Marketing Toolkits: Spread out your marketing approaches. Forbes suggests account-based marketing (ABM) and contextual marketing. ABM is a personalized approach used to drive results for specific accounts. Contextual marketing is where marketers target their messages to audiences based on the context, content, and meaning of the user’s environment.
    5. Get Yourself a Strong Measurement Partner: Expand the coverage of your advertising-effectiveness measurements and keep user privacy secure. Test your measuring partner (or yourself) with this question: how much of the overall digital ad spend be measured? 

See the full Forbes article for more details on the full 5 things you can do to prepare.


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