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5 Strategies for Building Strong Customer Relationships

Our friends at DirectLync are giving us a rundown on a few strategies that maintain strong relationships even after the first purchase. Keep reading👇 

  • Personalization. You’ll be more successful in making the sale when you treat consumers like a person, not a walking wallet. Take advantage of creating unique, personal experiences. The more you learn about your customer the easier it is to throw in that personal touch in email, social media, or chat. 
  • Ask for feedback. Getting any kind of input helps business owners pivot when necessary to better serve an audience. On the other hand, sometimes your audience just wants to be heard. Don’t wait for your audience to make the first move. Ask for feedback. You could send surveys or make the daunting phone call. After about five or six calls in, the phone calls get easier, promise.
  • Show appreciation. Folks, our mommas taught us a simple thank you can go a long way. The same rings true for business. And there are so many ways to show appreciation. Send a thank you message after a purchase, mail out a discount code, open up a referral/loyalty program, or our fav – whip out the swag.
  • Follow up. Enter the wonderful tool that’s customer relationship management or CRM. Manage interactions, track leads, streamline processes, and identify sale opportunities all with CRM. It makes the task of following up a dream. 
  • Share knowledge. If you got skills, share it! One of the best things you can do for your audience is share. After all, business/customer relationships are about communicating and providing help.

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