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5 Tips for Facebook & Instagram Video Ads

When social media is concerned, a lot can change in a matter of a year.

When social media is concerned, a lot can change in a matter of a year. Heck, a lot changes every month. Remember when Campaign Budget Optimization or In-Stream Video Ads weren’t a thing? Updates fly when you’re having fun.

To keep you on par for the course, Adespresso has outlined the top tricks for making sure your video ads remain top-notch—exemplary examples included!

Let’s see what the best video ads can teach us:

1. Make your video ads as short as humanly possible.

We should all know this one already. But the format for Facebook and Instagram video ads is 60 seconds! Take a note from successful video ads and don’t make them nearly that long. According to Wistia, people stop watching online videos just seconds in. 

Battle our now-goldfish-brains by getting your message across in time by:

  • Putting the important details in the first 5-10 seconds
  • Making sure the entire video remains specific

Check out this quickly-captivating ad by Velocity Black.

2. Incorporate design to make your ads look highly-produced.

With all the simple video editing tools out there, you don’t need a professional to produce a professional commercial.

For example, this ad by Baked turns a simple shot of coffee being poured into an amateur short film with a tilted lens, natural lighting, and pro-looking title slide. Plus, it’s a GIF! Hypnotic…  

3. Pair your IG or FB ad campaign with a specific product launch.

Catch viewer’s attention by using video ads in unique ways, like showing behind-the-scenes footage to drum up anticipation. Releasing teasers is a great way to make your social media followers feel like they are a part of something exclusive, which can help build customer loyalty.

Still a couple more to go, plus key visuals and examples 


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