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5 Tips for Drafting An Ethical AI Policy

Maybe you’re part of discussions on AI ethics for your organization. Or maybe you’re working to conceptualize your own guardrails and boundaries. Consider these 5 tips to drafting a living policy for responsible AI use:

  1. Define key terms. Not everyone is coming to the table with the same experience and lexicon. This terminology will need to be updated frequently as the landscape evolves.
  2. List your dos and don’ts. For example, “don’t input proprietary information in generative AI tools” and “do keep comprehensive records of data sources, inputs, and outputs.”
  3. Communicate approval on the use of tools. Consider assembling a “green list” of AI solutions that your team can explore, as well as a “red list” of tools with explicit reasons to avoid. Have a process in place for employees to submit a request to use new tools for clear purposes.
  4. Articulate clear ethical guidelines. Include a statement of moral positioning on the subject of generative AI in your organization, like “Don’t use output to create misleading, fraudulent, biased, or harmful content.”
  5. Specify governance and oversight. Make it explicitly clear who is responsible for reviewing AI usage and responding to legal inquiries.

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