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5 Ways to Boost Customer Retention

Let’s play a game!

Would you rather: A) retain existing customers or B) onboard new ones?

If you’re like us, you probably want option A. Well, if you’re like us, you want B, too. Businesses need both to survive and grow. When was the last time you took a good, hard look at your tactics to retain customers? Marketers gotta handle that, too.

Today’s Read breaks down some genius tactics to hanging onto your existing customers. Here are a few these ideas:

  1. Gamify your product – People love competing against one another. Gamification can help promote friendly competition and brand loyalty.
  2. Get personal – You already know the importance of personalization, but it can truly make a difference in retaining or losing customers.
  3. Get serious about clever content – Writing a blog just to write one isn’t enough to retain customers. You’ve gotta educate and sometimes entertain them. There’s that edutainment idea again.

Bonus: This article also includes 15 tools to help you retain fave customers.


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