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5 Ways to Optimize Your Ad Campaigns in 2023

We know a lot of work goes into building and optimizing display ad campaigns, but you can’t let the same campaigns repeat without optimization. As you plan your 2023 campaigns, check out these 5 ways to finetune and boost your ads.

  1. Try different approaches to targeting. There is a theory that the more you narrow down targeting, the more relevant your ads become. Since there is no one-size-fits-all audience, experimentation is essential. Just be careful with too much hyper-targeting as it often comes with higher costs per click.
  2. Refine campaign budget allocation. Google Ads cost per lead has increased for 91% of industries… yikes. Make clear 2023 goals before allocating budgets. When making adjustments, only shift a maximum of 10% at a time and always set aside a sum for A/B testing, as it can help you greatly improve your campaign’s performance.
  3. Run A/B tests through thick and thin. A/B testing is amazing for understanding underperforming campaigns so you can pinpoint what elements work best. Run A/B tests even when you’re satisfied with your current results because there’s always room for improvement.
  4. Review performance data periodically. Data is everything. Leverage analytics if you want to squeeze as much ROI as possible from your campaign. Choose the best KPIs to track beforehand so you know what you’re looking for in a sea of metrics. Check campaign reports periodically and see what adjustments you could make to boost performance.

Whatever you do, be sure to set your goals before any launches. Check out other budgeting advice, pre-planning, and ongoing optimization tips from Search Engine Land’s post.


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