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5 Ways to Prevent Creator Burnout

Burnout is no joke. It’s the result of total exhaustion either mentally, emotionally, or physically (or all three). Luckily, there are ways to prevent burnout in your life.

  1. Work-life-balance: Boundaries are a major part of creating a healthy balance between your personal and professional life. Saying “no” is essential to setting those healthy boundaries. Recent discussions on “quiet quitting” sometimes teeters on the extreme side of saying no. You have to find a balance between your ability to take on work, while also maintaining a healthy personal life.
  2. Take a break: Creators frequently use their free time and weekends to prepare and be ready for the week. You should avoid this and enjoy your free time with activities that feels good instead of constantly focusing on work.
  3. Take mental breaks: Tied into taking free time breaks, be sure you take time for your own individual refreshment. Often times, we struggle to ask for help or assistance in and out of the workplace. See if there are ways that you can divide tasks with others to free up more mental time for yourself.
  4. Celebrate accomplishments: When you have completed something or reached a goal, don’t let it go unnoticed by yourself. Be sure to mark these down to either celebrate quietly or share it. (Side Note: Celebrating others is a contageious way to create an uplifting company culture.)
  5. Tech-power: Are you getting bogged down with planning paralysis or feeling unorganized? You might get by with a little help from tech friends. It could be as simple as setting up your calendar to block out your focus and personal time, reminder notifications, digital notes, or goal setting.

Other ways to restore creativity when creator burnout strikes

  • Create content calendars for more structure
  • Revisit your old content for things that worked
  • Batch your content while you’re in the mood

Check out the full article by Teachmore for more inspirational nd burnout tactics.


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