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56 Email Content + Copywriting Tips For 2022

Tips, tricks, tactics, and tools. That’s what we love in The Daily Carnage. You know the phrase “more than one way to skin a cat” (we’re not saying we like it)? Well, same goes for emails. There are a lot of different approaches you can take for copy and your email content.

It’s all about finding balance. Here is what happens if you don’t have friendliness, personalization, and facts working together:

Snov.io is a CRM-focused tool that also has a pretty cool blog for leads, conversions, and email. They put together 56 tips on writing email copy! That’s a big list, so we wanted to give you our top 5:

  1. Write how you talk: Always read your copy out loud, use colloquial language, and imagine that you are talking to the person face-to-face to make it read more genuine.
  2. Use questions: This is a proven method to catch attention, increase engagement, and push the recipient to read more.
  3. Play with punctuation: See if your message can be broken up so your eyes and brain can easily get through the text by reading with visual interest throughout.
  4. Always think positive: Replace potentially negative words with alternatives like “other” instead of “wrong” or “pocket-sized/compact” instead of “small.”
  5. Use others’ words: Stats, case studies, testimonials, and reviews are powerful things. Use them where you can!

Check out the full list on Snov.io’s blog!


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