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6 Must-Have Email Marketing Automations

Drive incremental growth with these 6 under-utilized automated email series:

  1. Post-purchase or post-shipment: Engaging with a user after their purchase—through shipment details, upsells, customer service information, and brand/community content—can increase the likelihood of repeat purchases.
  2. Welcome or account creation: Sending tailored welcome emails to new subscribers is an opportunity to set the tone and frequency of communication. Mixing promotion-heavy messaging with messaging that builds brand connection can improve time to purchase and purchase frequency.
  3. Birthday or anniversary: Celebrating birthdays and customer anniversaries through automations offering freebies and exclusive discounts will nurture brand connection and affinity.
  4. Abandon cart: If a user makes it all the way to a full cart on your platform, they likely need only a nudge or reminder to complete a purchase. Abandoned cart email series are a crucial revenue driver and can significantly increase total conversions and revenue.
  5. Browse abandonment: This step in the purchasing journey takes place before a user makes it to the cart. At this stage, upselling to users interested in a specific product or category can increase revenue.
  6. Re-engagement / “We miss you”:  Move low-engagement subscribers into a re-engagement workflow to nurture them back into high- or medium-level engagement, rather than continuing to send them frequent emails, which can be detrimental to sender reputation and overall engagement rate.

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