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6 TikTok Marketing Tips for You

It’s another happy TikTok Tuesday! We know TikTok strategies can be time-consuming, frustrating, or even intimidating. To get brands pointed in the right direction to get started, or adjust their current paths, here are the top TikTok tips to know.

Tip 1: Find your niche

  • Don’t focus on going viral or keeping it all comedy all the time.
  • Adapt trends to your brand, not your brand to trends.
  • Whatever you make, provide value.

Tip 2: Show your brand’s human side

  • Don’t worry about perfect, polished video content.
  • This is your chance to get personal with your team, environment, process, maybe even pets.

Tip 3: Use TikTok’s Unique Features

  • Go full send into TikTok features to increase your chances of getting discovered.
  • Leave no stone unturned for making your content easier to digest and accessibile.

Tip 4: Repurpose your video content

  • Because of TikTok’s popularity, Instagram has followed suit with Reels. Be sure to repurpose in a way that you can put the final touches on the video within the native app’s editor.
  • Be wary of sounds, though. Not every platform has the same trending sound or music usage rights.

Tip 5: Partner with TikTok creators

  • Creators are great for reaching niche audiences or to build trust with consumers on TikTok.
  • Try and partner with creators or celebrities who are authentic — including authentic to your brand.

Tip 6: Learn what works best for you

  • At the end of the day, experimentation is key. That’s the scary part.
  • Like we said, TikTok does not always reward perfection. It rewards relatable, entertaining content.
  • Play with formats until you get a better understanding for what works for you, not just your competition.

The full video is less than 10 minutes, so check it out. If you aren’t following Sprout Social’s YouTube channel, you’re missing out on the other helpful videos on all social platforms!


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