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6 Tips for Your Gamification Strategy

What is a gamification strategy? A gamification strategy is using gaming techniques to incentivize something. It’s especially prevalent in online communities, workforces, and software participation. 

How can you use it in your business model? Here are some tips before you get started with a gamification strategy:

  1. It’s for the long haul: One of the chief things to avoid when it comes to gamification in the workplace is going too deep too early but treating it like a one-and-done program. Think through gamification in ongoing, longer terms, and how it could benefit an individual user.
  2. Chill on just rewards: People love prizes, but they’re all about the engagement, too. If you focus too heavily on the rewards aspect, gamification isn’t sustainable.
  3. Make sure it’s open to all: Help every user that comes across your gamification understand how the game works, what the goals are, and how to succeed. Keep it accessible to anyone who wants to interact with it.
  4. It’s not all about the top dogs: We’re not advocating a whole bunch of participation awards, but you have to reward engagement. Granted, winners have a huge influence on usage, but all users make the dream work.
  5. Give creative rewards: Back on the topic of prizes, Get creative with them. Prizes don’t have to be physical when you can also offer things like small shout-outs. 
  6.  Track and report: As with any strategy, time to analyze the performance. How does gamification perform against your brand goals?

Is a gamification strategy or program right for your business? Read more on the strategy with EveryoneSocial’s piece about it.


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