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6 Ways to Build Brand Authority With Content Marketing

The Oscars ceremony is more than a star-studded gala of today’s A-listers; it’s an occasion that signals the best-of-the-best among writers, actors, and directors, awarding those at the top with the highest honor of film prestige. An Oscar win — even a nomination — gets film aficionados and casual viewers alike interested in checking out what critics have deemed the very best work.

It’s all about authority. Just as people recommend movies to watch based on their merits, search engines recommend results based on the quality of content. Today, Moz is helping you clinch your own Oscar win with 6 ways to build brand authority with content marketing.

  1. Answer your audience’s questions. Becoming an authority means being a go-to source for answers. If people see you as an authority, they will believe you know your stuff. The content you write should directly pertain to questions people have.
  2. Create newsworthy reports and studies. Publishing original reports that break down new pieces of data is a great way to grab attention. Brand new studies can easily captivate the attention of media sources and others in your niche. Original studies are bound to build backlinks from people who recognize the importance of your research, and this further solidifies your authority in your field.
  3. Utilize the authority of in-house experts. Your content probably carries a lot of expertise behind it. Who are the experts behind your content? Make sure the experts are visible to readers, so people can tie the subject matter to credible sources. Look for podcast opportunities, interviews, or just simple Q&As you can leverage to show off the authority of your in-house experts.
  4. Highlight reviews, case studies, and other proof of expertise. If you can show how much some people trust you, gaining trust from others will be easier. Display testimonials to demonstrate mastery in your field. Even highlighting brand logos on your site will signal to others that you’re an expert since these brands are leveraging your skills, services, and knowledge.

That’s not a wrap yet! Check out the last two points from Moz.


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