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6 Ways to Use Branded GIFs for Your Brand

We love GIFs.

They’re perfect for reactions, pop-culture references, and just adding that little ✨pizzazz✨ to your images and assets. But how can you utilize them in your brand? Here’s how to use branded GIFs to help your brand stand out.

  1. Twitter: Keep the conversation cute in replies. Brands can create canned GIFs responses for thank you’s, showing some love, or quick CTAs.
  2. Facebook: The four best ways to use GIFs on Facebook is using GIFs in comments and replies, adding GIFs as short videos as posts, cover photos, and adding GIFs as a post image in Facebook Groups (we see you, Daily Carnage Facebook Group).
  3. Messenger Apps: If you use Slack or other team chat services, you’re probably sending something like this to your co-workers. When it comes to other apps like FB Messenger, creating branded GIFs to use with customers is a great way of adding a little extra something in an interaction.
  4. Chat Bots: Same goes for bots! If they have an arsenal of branded responses, it can add a more personal, human feel to the experience. Some brands have even made GIFs to call out their bot being a bot.
  5. Instagram: GIFs can be added to Instagram in three ways. You can add a GIF directly to your Instagram Story (this will play like a GIF in video format), you can add GIF Stickers via the Instagram Story platform, or you can share GIFs to the Instagram Grid/Newsfeed.
  6. Giphy: Now that you see all the ways you can be sharing GIFs on channels. You need to have somewhere to put all your branded GIFs. Start a Giphy account to build your library and direct your team to these resources.

For detailed how-to’s on making GIFs, ideas, and examples, check out the full Easil article.


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