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6 ways you’re tanking your content marketing strategy

Folks, we’re getting spoiled. Back in the day, when you had a Q, you hit the library or grabbed a thesaurus/dictionary. Today, digital resources like Alexa have 3 seconds to give us a direct answer. We’re conditioned to the ease of having answers at our fingertips.

As marketers, it’s our goal to educate the buyer and answer their questions. This is where optimizing your content is extremely important, but many marketers get it wrong.

The crew at Impact highlighted the six biggest problems and what to take away from them.

  1. You’re writing it and forgetting it. The “write it & forget it” mentality is just bad business. Instead pair relevant, high-quality content with a routine of regular updates to get on your customer’s radar.
  2. You’re writing just about fluffy things. Your content marketing strategy is not your editorial calendar. Focus on clearly answering questions your target audience is most likely asking. Provide your reader something of value, not fluff.
  3. You’re outsourcing your content. No one tells your story better than you. Invest in your own team to create your content and be mindful of what can be done in house.
  4. You’re writing in a vacuum. Involve all departments in your content development. The key is to consult with other points of view. Sales are on the front lines while leadership has a firm grasp of the industry. Make sure you take it all into consideration.
  5. You’re not using video. Consumers are demanding more and more videos. Give them what they want. Video builds trust faster than text alone, and using it will shorten your sales cycle.
  6. You’re forgetting analytics. Determine what’s working and what’s not. Maybe you need to include more links. Perhaps visual content needs revisiting. Figure out what works best and create more content like it.

Head over to Impact and dive into greater detail on each tip!


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