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69 Highly Effective Lead Magnet Ideas to Grow Your Email List (Updated)

OptinMonster has a killer blog all about the best strategies in lead generation. We’re going to jump into a few lead magnet ideas, but keep in mind, they cover the what and why basics if you’re interested!

  • Useful Lead Magnets: save your user time, energy, and money with one specific, actionable solution to a problem.
    1. Turn your most popular blog post into an easily-consumed checklist.
    2. If you’re in a creative industry, consider making an attractive printable.
  • Educational Lead Magnets: become a thought leader in your industry by teaching users about a specific topic that is highly relevant to your offerings.
    1. Educate potential prospects with a lengthier guide that shows why they should buy from you.
    2. Play into FOMO with a limited-time, live webinar.
    1. Make an awesome quiz with a tool called Qzzr and generate leads by getting users to enter their emails to find out the results.
    2. Host an effective giveaway that qualifies leads by offering a relevant prize (what does your ideal customer want?) and incentivize participants to share by offering additional entries for each social share.
  • Community-Building Lead Magnets: it’s a place where users can interact with each other and your brand.
    1. Here’s 3 reasons to do a challenge –> Get highly qualified leads, sense of urgency with start and end date, foster a sense of community.
    2. Provide a place for your like-minded fans to hang out using Slack or a Facebook group. (shameless plug😜–> Daily Carnage FB Group & MissFits FB Group)
  • Bottom of Funnel Lead Magnets: prepare for prospects that haven’t given you their email yet, but are already thinking about buying your product.
    1. Give the people what they want; coupons.
    2. Offer a sneak peek of your product or service with a free trial or sample. 

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