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7 AdWords Tricks & Tips That’ll Boost Your ROI

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Adwords are….not our favorite thing (you should have seen what it said before we edited this). Navigating the small character space while trying to get readers to click is a reeeeeeal blast — not to mention getting that copy to match your landing page, too

So of course we love some good tricks and tips on the topic, especially when they’re from the masters, Neil and Eric. They’re here to tell you the value of site links, knowing where your audience is, sending curated offers, and consistently optimizing your landing page with the right keywords.

Here’s a brief summary of the 7 tips in today’s Listen:

  • (00:34) Tip #1: Add site links so you can take up more real estate in search results.
  • (01:06) Tip #2: Leverage dayparting (Adword ads scheduling), which is super cost effective, especially in B2B. Here’s a nice step-by-step article on how to do it.
  • (01:49) Tip #3: Use single keyword ad groups, so you can focus on one keyword, keep your ads tailored, and improve your quality score.
  • (02:16) Tip #4: Geo-target your campaign even if it’s just nationwide. This way, you can give people specific offers (like free shipping in a 100-mile radius) based on their location.
  • (03:25) Tip #5: Hook your Adwords in Google Analytics so you have a specific retargeting list.
  • (04:01) Tip #6: Optimize your landing pages for conversion by integrating the keywords that users search for into your LP.
  • (04:32) Tip #7: Use CPA bidding and let Google do the work, but keep an eye on it. This works really well after about 20 conversions or so.

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