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7 B2B Brands Using Instagram the Way You’re Supposed To

There are no boring industries—just boring marketers.”

If you’re a B2B brand ignoring Instagram, you’re not doing it right. With new features monthly and 600+ million users, it’s an ever-growing platform with serious potential to drive results. Especially when you consider that half of those users are millennials and 40% of the workforce are those millennials.

You can’t think “Millennials shmilennials…” forever. They’ve got a lot of buying power. And they love to see brands using social media well. It brings faceless brands closer to them, bringing their trust and brand loyalty closer to you.

Maybe you’ve made an Instagram account, but not sure how it can work for your business. Well, we love to spy on our competition, so today’s Read is a perfect little peek at some top-notch B2B brands doing top-notch things. Plus, why it works well for their particular industries . 

“The most innovative brands aren’t those that go with the flow—they’re the ones that take a shovel and create their own stream.”


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