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7 Cognitive Biases that Marketers Should Know

Psychological biases affect decisions we make without us even knowing it. That’s good news for marketers, because there are ways to use these biases to your advantage!

Today’s Read covers the 7 psychological biases that marketers can use. The cliff notes are below, but definitely get your fill of this post as the author includes examples of how marketers can actually use these biases.

  1. Availability heuristic – when a person uses easily remembered information when making a decision
  2. Representativeness heuristic – when people use stereotypes to make a choice, rather than actual data
  3. Choice-supportive bias – people tend to think they always make the right choice because we’re hardwired to forget when we make bad choices
  4. Halo effect – this bias explains why influencer marketing works
  5. Information bias – more information is always better, right? Nah, not really, but marketers can use this bias in simple ways
  6. Ingroup bias – people tend to value their group’s decisions more highly
  7. The bandwagon effect – you’re likely familiar with this one from sports, but do you use this tactic in your marketing?

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