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7 Components of a Viable, ROI-Based Brand Content Strategy

Nearly every B2B marketer uses content marketing. Okay, maybe that was a little dramatic. But at 89%, that’s a whole lot of content marketing going around. The problem is: only 21% of them said their content marketing approach was successful.

Hmm… somethin’ ain’t right. Why aren’t more marketers getting the goods?

Leave it to Buzzsumo to get to the bottom of it. Most brands are simply unaware of how to build a ROI-focused content strategy.

Today’s Read is here to help change all that by simplifying the process and diving into the 7 components that create a ROI-based brand content strategy.

We’re hooking you up with those 7 components below, but this article is super well-detailed. All the best steps you need to take to build this type of content strategy are provided. Get out that notepad, y’all.

  1. Establish your Content Differentiation Factor (CDF)—separate yourself from the 1,400 pieces of content being published every minuteWhat is your standout perspective in your niche that makes you an expert to be “heard” in your space? Communicate it simply.
  2. Build an in-depth audience persona. It’s crucial that you create audience-centric content, not content-centric content.
  3. Write a style guide for your brand. Make sure you include these things.
  4. Develop initial keyword reports. In order for your content strategy to remain ROI-focused, ya gotta position your content so it can be found by search engines. Target the right keywords using tools like SEMRush and KWFinder.
  5. Core content setup. Where are you going to publish your content? Which platform will best fit your niche? Where will your presence help you meet your content goals?
  6. Set a content costs budget. If you don’t have a budget, you’re have a damn near impossible time determining your ROI.
  7. Build an editorial calendar. Creating an editorial calendar is essential if you want to maintain the consistency and organization necessary to develop a high ROI content strategy. Easy-to-use tools like Airtable can help you get organized.  

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