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7 Dead Simple Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate

What’s the worst party you’ve ever been to? Was it the one you thought was a costume party so you showed up as a hotdog for your niece’s graduation party? (Such a cruel joke.) Or maybe it was the high school reunion with lackluster attendance. The best thing you can do at a bad party is leave.

If your website was a party, what does it offer that makes people want to stay? Take a gander at these 7 dead simple ways to reduce bounce rate from Moz.

  • Be intentional. While people land on your page for different reasons, it’s crucial to satisfy the intents of their visits. Some people are looking for info and some are ready to buy. It’s always best to have a piece of content to satisfy each intent. But when it comes to broadening intent satisfaction, make sure your visitor can easily and quickly find what they’re looking for if the page they landed on isn’t it. Include related articles near the top to serve various intents.
  • Make sure your CTAs don’t suck. Your CTAs will be more powerful when they directly relate to the keywords that draw in your visitors. This means if someone initiates a search comparing computer models and they end up on your site where you’ve put together a comparison, you’re better off with a CTA reading “Browse All Computer Models” rather than one reading “Browse Inventory.” Find out which keywords your pages rank for and use those keywords in CTAs.
  • Reduce rage and dead clicks. Ever click a button or link on a site and it doesn’t do anything? Sometimes it’s not a link or button at all, and that’s the problem. If it’s not supposed to be clicked, make sure it doesn’t look like it should be clicked. Conversely, if people are clicking something that isn’t supposed to be clicked, then make it clickable.

That’s not all! Head over to the afterparty and read the rest.


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