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7 Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategies You Can Try Today

We often think of social media as just the Big 4 (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn). But, by doing so, we ignore a vital player — messaging apps. Right now, Facebook Messenger is ready to be your point guard.

Last year, Facebook IQ conducted a study on the use of mobile messaging with 12,500 people worldwide and found that:

  • 63% have increased their messaging with businesses over the past 2 years
  • 56% would rather message than call customer service (duh)
  • 67% expect to message business even more over the next 2 years.

So here we are.

If you haven’t thought about marketing via Messenger, today’s Read might change how you think about the FB app. After experimenting with different ways to include Messenger in their marketing, Buffer discovered 7 strategies you and your biz can try today. Or, like, on Monday.

Below are few of them:

  1. Deliver your content. Instead of asking people to fill out a form to get gated content via email, they offered the option of getting the content via Messenger. The messenger strategy resulted in 242% higher open rate and 619% higher click rate!
  2. Help your followers find the most relevant content. Messenger chatbots (hey, we know how to make those!) can help followers find articles they want to read. You now have a non-intrusive way to deliver personalized content to your audience. You’ll want to read the best practices on this one.
  3. Generate high-quality sales leads. Since Messenger is still pretty #fresh, the response rate is super high right now. Set up click-to-Messenger ads with location targeting. When a person clicks on the ad to learn more, they’ll be taken into a conversation with a chatbot. One automotive group generated 50 sales per month through the chatbot

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