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7 Google Analytics Metrics You Gotta Track

Google Analytics Rules Everything Around Me. Yeah, we’re back to making that joke. But really, it’s probably the most important tool in our toolbox. It’s also one of the more confusing ones, but today’s Listen is here to help clear that up.

This 5-minute podcast will help you understand what GA metrics you need to be tracking and why.

  1. Bounce Rate. We love bounce rate. It tells you right away how people are interacting with your pages
  2. Search Traffic. Compare this week by week. It can help you know if your SEO efforts are paying off, or if someone made a mistake.
  3. Conversions. You’re probably already tracking this one, but it’s still worth reiterating the importance of it.
  4. Time on Site. You can break this down by channel to figure out if you’re getting higher quality traffic from one source over another.
  5. Site Speed. This is a big ranking factor. If your site is too slow, it’s time to speed it up.
  6. Social Referrals. Another often overlooked metric. Find which social channel is driving traffic and double down on it.
  7. Pages per Session. This can tell you if your website is engaging people. Are they checking out other things or are they just getting what they need and bouncing?

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