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7 GTM Stategies

A go-to-market (GTM) strategy—or your plan to get customers to buy a product or service through product launches, rebranding, or exploring new markets—depend on a mix of these 7 motions:

  1. Inbound-led: In this approach, content marketing through paid, organic, social, and email channels qualifies and routes leads to sales.
  2. Outbound-led: This is a coordinated and targeted account-based outreach led by sales development representatives, 1:1 advertising, and content hubs.
  3. Product-led: This strategy relies on the product itself to drive growth, adoption, and customer acquisition, rather than relying heavily on traditional marketing and sales tactics.
  4. Channel-led: This approach leverages a network of distribution channels—like resellers, partners, and affiliates—to educate and support customers.
  5. Event-led: Conferences, trade shows, webinars, and workshops promote and showcase products or services to a targeted audience in order to generate leads, build brand awareness, and foster connections.
  6. Community-led: This approach builds a community of experts, influencers, and customers around a transformative idea by nurturing relationships, fostering user engagement, and empowering to become advocates.
  7. Ecosystem-led: This strategy leverages the collective value and reach of your ecosystem—or a collection of complementary products and services—to attract and retain customers, drive mutual growth, and provide a seamless solution to the market.

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