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7 Marketing Tools You Need to Check Weekly

We’ll just cut right to the chase—today’s Listen is short. Real short. So short that you don’t even need to listen to it because we fit everything in right here. (We nice like that.)

Considering there are about a gajillion marketing tools out there, when Eric Siu and Neil Patel say that we only need seven, we listen. For your reading pleasure, here are all 7:

  1. Google Analytics. Probably don’t need to explain this one. GA is life.
  2. SEMRush. We love this one because it’s great for tracking all things relating to search engine marketing. You can spy on keywords that your competitors are ranking for, search ads that they’re running, backlinks that they’re getting, etc. It’s just a great way to make sure you’re keeping pace with your competitors.
  3. AuthorityLabs. This one shows you which keywords you should be tracking, it also shows you new keywords that you should be targeting in your SEO strategy.
  4. Ahrefs is great for monitoring links coming to your website. Are they spammy and hurting your SEO, or are they good and helping? You can also use their Content Explorer to discover the most popular content in your niche.
  5. Google Trends is another of our favorites. It’s good for tracking trends in keywords, brand popularity, and even product development.
  6. VaultPress shows security issues on your website. If you don’t fix these, you could get hacked. This tool is great for any website, but especially ecomm companies.
  7. Google Search Console is perfect for monitoring and analyzing your search traffic. It uncovers a lot of those search queries that GA hides.

That’s it! That’s everything! And, we did it in 290ish words. Call us crazy, but you don’t even need to listen to this one. 


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