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7-Point Website Redesign Checklist

Did you happen to catch the Carnage where we featured the article, “15 Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Website”? Maybe you thought to yourself, “dang, maybe it’s time for a revamp.”

For all those inspired for a site redesign, we’re serving up the perfect podcast to make sure you cover all your bases. Not gonna lie, it’s only 4 minutes long, so it’s all right below. Why? Because we freakin’ love you.

  • (00:34) #1: Make sure your website is designed with a strong SEO foundation. You really, really don’t want go back and fix issues, like redoing your URL structure. Devs don’t want to work on that.
  • (01:01) For WordPress, build your SEO first by installing YOAST.
  • (01:12) #2: Keep track of your existing URLs in a checklist, and avoid changing them.
  • (01:25) #3: Don’ forget about your site speed. You can use tools like GTMetrix or Pingdom to find out what your site speed is.
  • (01:41) #4: Make sure your website is optimized for mobile since a larger percentage of website visitors are mobile users.
  • (01:50) Use Google AMP framework to help ensure your mobile users have an extremely fast and pleasant experience.
  • (01:59) #5: Don’t forget about your pixels, like the Google Analytics pixels and Facebook pixels.
  • (02:20) #6: Figure out where you want the copy for your content to go before you redesign.
  • (02:35) #7: Use Browseo to check your website’s resolution in different platforms and on different devices.
  • (03:02) Don’t forget to think about how responsive your website is.

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