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7 Principles to Get Leads from Social Media

Pretty much every company is using social media. (See what we did there?) It seems like many are just going through the motions, though – appeasing a higher-up without any real strategy on how it’s going to drive traffic and leads.

If your company doesn’t have a strategy to make money from social media, you’re missing out. Plain ‘n’ simple. 

Today, we’re serving up an article from social media guru, Sam Hurley, about how you can gain leads from social media. Here are all 7 of Sam’s steps:

  1. Engage with people on social media – don’t just post your own updates
  2. Align your posts with what people actually want to read
  3. Promote action! It’s difficult to generate leads without giving people a call-to-action
  4. Post timely, targeted, specific, helpful, and actionable content
  5. Find what content actually converts
  6. Differentiate your social media posts from your competitors
  7. Give your followers a reason to trust you 

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