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7 Reasons Why No One is Watching Your Video Content

Even marketing videos on HubSpot were getting very little views back in the day. Good news for marketers everywhere because they learned a lot from their mistakes, and today’s Read is a list of the most common factors that keep viewers away.

Here’s the list, but HubSpot unpacks each one with clarity, case studies, and stats. (These are a few of our favorite things.)

  1. They’re too long. 
  2. You’re going after the wrong audience. Entertainment aside, what does your target audience want to watch? 
  3. You’re using the wrong channel. YouTube isn’t the only spot, but it is Gen Z’s fave place.
  4. You’re not promoting them on other channels.
  5. The title is misleading. No clickbait!
  6. You’re not optimizing it. Tags, description, and category are v important on YouTube.
  7. It doesn’t make the viewer feel anything.

More words of wisdom:

“I’ll never forget what HubSpot’s CEO, Brian Halligan, said to me during a chat about content creation: ‘You’re asking to borrow someone’s brain.’ When you ask someone to borrow anything, the considerate thing to do is to be respectful of that person’s time, and when they might need it back. Generally, we need our brains — so when you create something like video content, remember that you have your viewer’s brain on loan.”


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