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7-Step Checklist for Product Launches (Using the Power of Social Media)

Product, website, and brand launches can be stressful.

Luckily, Sprout Social has you covered with a seven-step product launch checklist that helps you make your next product launch as smooth as possible through social media.

Your seven-step product launch checklist:

  1. Define your audience: Research this by making personas or investing in social listening tools.
  2. Position your product: What makes your product stand out? That will be your selling point. So you’ll need to do some competitor research, too.
  3. Set your launch goals: Know what KPIs you need to quantify the type of success you want.
  4. Time your launch: Knowing your audience also means knowing when they are most likely to be reached by your organic media.
  5. Prepare for customer support: New things = new questions. Manage potential inquiries by making FAQ content or using chatbots for fast responses.
  6. Schedule your content: Don’t leave your strategizing at pre-launch. Plan your post-launch content ahead of time with it.
  7. Analyze your product launch: After you’ve set your goals, track your progress towards them. Where can you adjust your post-launch strategy?

Check out the full post from Sprout Social to get the details on how you can use social media marketing tools at each step of the way for your next product launch.


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