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7 Steps for Boosting Social eCommerce Sales

Selling on social media is great for brands that want more visibility, conversions, and sales (duh). But how can you make the most of social eCommerce? Here are 7 steps to get you in the right direction (The first three steps is every strategy’s first steps, but that’s because they’re essential):

  1. Choose Your Platforms: Each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses, so you’ll need to tailor your social media strategy to fit the platform you’re using. Test as many as you’d like but have some goals, budgeting (for both money and time), and a strong idea of target demographics first.
  2. Plan Your Content: Once you pick platforms, create your content. Each platform (maybe with the exception of Pinterest) favors video formats. Plan what that looks like for each platform and how your brand would approach it (live, text only, UGC, etc.).
  3. Shake It Up: Make sure your content strategy has variety. Plan different content to promote, to educate, to inspire, or to entertain. The big mistake brands make is sticking too much promotional content.
  4. Repost and reward UGC: User-generated content is what can make or break sales because it’s often third-party, real-user testimonials. Reward your new reviews or host a contest to gain more.
  5. Showcase customer reviews: Once you have reviews or UGC, show it off. Social proof is an essential step to get potential customers to build trust in your business. One way is to use branded templates to share them from different sources.
  6. Use Social Listening Tools: The internet is difficult to stay on top of. Social listening tools are a brand’s way to keep a pulse on what is being said on social media when a brand isn’t directly tagged or messaged.
  7. Invest in Social Media Advertising: Many of these tips are great for just your organic social media strategies. But ads are gonna help you get the most trackable results with a specific reach.

The Social Shepherd gives great examples for content on any social media platform with a whole bunch of other tips to boost eCommerce like meme strategies and tools, so check out the full post!


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