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7 Takeaways on Influencer Marketing from AWNY

Advertising Week New York concluded last week, so here are 7 takeaways re: influencer marketing from Marketing Brew’s Katie Hicks:

  1. Go after high-quality influencers, pay them accordingly, and trust them to do their thing.
  2. Define and share your objectives, like do you want an influencer to flash the product in the first few seconds or not?
  3. Don’t ruin relationships by trying to control the script. Content is more likely to perform well if it’s on-brand for the creator.
  4. Jump in on collaborations with creators that feel organic and inuitive.
  5. Read the comments! And pivot based on sentiment.
  6. Don’t perpetuate inequities in influencer representation. Diversify your partnerships.
  7. Forge partnerships with perfect-fit creators before they launch their own ventures and end up competing with you.

Read the rest at Marketing Brew.


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