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7 Tools to Help You Promote Your Content

You might think you have your content promotion on lock, but aren’t you always intrigued — perhaps overwhelmed even — by all the tools available? In just 5 minutes, Marketing School’s Neil and Eric explain some of the most effective tools that can elevate your content promotion. You’ll even find out why contacting those who follow your competitors can also help you boost your own content promotion. Did we mention it was only 5 minutes?

Here are those hella-exceptional tools:

  1. Facebook ads (obvi) — Shout out to Facebook’s easy button, “boost post”.
  2. BuzzSumo — Click view shares and you’ll see the people who tweeted articles related to your own, then email those people to promote yours!
  3. MeetEdgar — We talked about how cool this tool was yesterday.
  4. Ahrefs — Find who’s linking your competitor’s content and message them to promote yours as well. Ah, the old “Hey, mine is way better, here’s why” trick.
  5. If This Then That (IFTTT) — Allows you to automate workflows and automatically push to social channels.
  6. Broken links — Come again? Using a broken link checker, you can see who’s clicking on broken links that has similar content to yours. Then, reach out to them!
  7. Sniply — Enhances every link that you share by automatically adding a call to action that will lead your audience to your own content. Like a shameless plug, but better.

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