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7 Ways to Improve Your Marketing by Harnessing the Power of Evil

For some, marketing is inherently evil. As in, our main goal is persuading people away from free will so that they do our bidding. Sounds dastardly when you put it that way… Hey, it’s Friday, why not embrace your dark side

Today’s Listen will show you how. Comically taking some tips from Dr. Evil himself, this 9-minute podcast cleverly weaves “evil” into the marketing narrative to show you how to get more customers.

  • (3:00) #1: Ask for the order. Boost a response just by simply issuing a CTA that’s clear and well-defined. Tell people what to do next, like “Enter email here” or “Click here”.
  • (4:38) #2: Offer an unfair guarantee. When you offer a freakishly strong guarantee, you take the risk upon yourself instead of the customer.
  • (5:17) #3: Give them a reason to act today. Like an exclusive, limited, or time-sensitive offer.
  • (6:11) But, like, don’t lie. Just because you’re evil doesn’t mean you’re immoral. Fake scarcity is not only evil, it’s a lame evil.
  • (6:45) #4: Have higher standards. The quality of product, service, business ethics, brilliant complexity, etc., for example.
  • (7:45) #5: Use secret language to enthrall people to your will ~ Spooky.
  • (8:05) The two secret trigger words that turn prospects into customers… Click here to see what they are. 
  • (8:30) #6: Use the power of numbers. Numbered list posts are more powerful, and that’s just how it is. 
  • (9:11) #7: Deploy the unfair offer. If you make an offer for something your market really, really wants, it takes almost no persuasion to get your prospects to take it.

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