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7 Ways To Increase Your Organic Facebook Reach

Building an organic audience that actually engages with you takes some serious time and dedication.

SEMRush is coming at us with solutions to Facebook’s latest algorithm move that emphasizes meaningful interaction. Let’s get started.

1.  Out of all other content types, video is the content king on Facebook

Dove has taken full advantage of this with their #choosebeautiful campaign. But there are two things you need to keep in mind.

First, ya gotta use captions. 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. So make sure you’re not ignored by default.

Second, front load your content. You have 3 seconds to capture someones attention so make sure the most important messages appear first.

2. Create natural discussion

It ain’t easy to get people talking. The old days of blatantly asking for likes, comments, and tags are over. Start by asking stimulating questions. Look for all the different angles to take with a single post.

3. Get your employees on board

Facebook prioritizes content from family and friends over business pages by a lot — like 16x more likely. Know what that means? Your greatest assets become your employees.

4. Fewer links, more photos

Give the people what they want! Facebook wants to keep people on Facebook. They become a grumpus when you try sending followers elsewhere. Keep FB happy with a fresh mixture of content in your feed.

Partner every post with some visual flair. Tools to help you do this include Canva, Stencil, and Design Bold.

5. SEMRush says, “untargeted mass posting has been replaced by selective posting”

ou have the ability to target a specific audience whenever you make a new post. Here’s how to do it.

  • Go to settings in your Facebook page
  • Select “general”
  • Click edit to the right of “Audience Optimization for Posts”
  • Choose the box that allows you to select a preferred audience and save!

Next time you go to create a post you can hit the drop-down menu labeled “Public” and be able to choose restricted audience or newsfeed targeting. We pumped to give this a try!

Ahhh, we ran outta room. There’s a ton of great examples inside…


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