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7 Ways to Save Money in Google Ads

Go ahead, run ads. Everybody’s doing it!

That’s kind of the problem, though, innit? Google Ads can be so competitive that you could be spending more to outbid words and placements without the payoff. To prevent this, you have to make every ad detail count.

Here are some tactics to help you spend wisely and get that sweet ROI:

  1. Narrow down your location: Don’t let ads default to country alone and don’t use zip codes. Use the “Those in my area” setting.
  2. Target high(er) intent keywords: No Google advice would be complete without a reminder to research the heck out of words that match you best.
  3. Use only phrase and exact match keywords: Broad match often runs the risk of burning through your budget quickly.
  4. Use all of the ad extensions!: Give your ad some visual cut through the competition by utilizing every element available.
  5. Differentiate your messaging: Use the Auction Insights report to identify your competitors and stand out from them.
  6. Don’t skimp on landing pages: Clicks don’t pay the bills, conversions do. Be sure ad click-throughs have clear CTAs on a following landing page.
  7. Be strategic with conversion goals: Ads are not a magic button to convert and sometimes are just one of many more steps in the customer journey. Think through your capture vs. conversion touch points before you invest too much in your ads to go full send into convert mode.

Check out the full Wordstream post for all the little details needed to crush your paid media strategy without crushing your budget with it.


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