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8 Big Questions Marketers Should Ask Themselves 

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far awa— just kidding, the year is only 1973, but now you’re thinking about Star Wars and George Lucas, right? Now think like George Lucas. ::pause for dramatic effect::

When Lucas realized Hollywood wouldn’t make his movie, he made a deal: forgo payment in exchange for sequel rights. He didn’t think about the money, but instead about making what he wanted to make.

And here we are now, waxing poetics about how to apply this ideology to marketing — to think differently about how to get things done and envision a unique path to success.

“What if … we think about our content marketing like George Lucas did about Star Wars?” Just one of the questions raised at this year’s Content Marketing World.

Today’s Read shares the stories of other presenters at CMWorld and what happened they asked their own “what if” questions.

What if the story was more important than the brand?
What if we listened to our audience, not just their data?
What if we grow a community not just to connect but also to create?

See how such questions spawned success and even lifted old, outdated brands into bigger social spheres. There’s a whoooole lotta of wisdom dropped in this one. 


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