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8 Effective Ways to Wrap up Your Blog Posts

Nobody likes a bad ending. Too many books, movies, and shows have failed their readers and viewers with conclusions that don’t match the quality of the rest of the work. Heck, even a “To be continued” or a cliffhanger is better than something that falls below expectation. Make the most of your conclusions with these 8 effective ways to wrap up your blog posts from ProBlogger.

  • Sum up your message. Recapping everything you’ve written is a simple way to leave a good last impression of a topic. In a long piece, a summary at the end is useful for tying your main point to everything you’ve covered.
  • Ask a question. Ask your readers something you’re genuinely interested in hearing about. Encourage them to answer and engage on the topic. We’re not talking about rhetorical questions. Ask something in order to prompt contributions to the topic you’re covering.
  • Ask the reader to share your post. You’ve probably seen countless YouTube videos with creators asking viewers to “smash that subscribe button.” The same principle applies: you don’t get what you don’t ask for. Spreading your content amongst those who read and love your content can only help you.
  • Give your reader more of the same. People aren’t going to read something they don’t enjoy. There’s just so much out there to choose from, so why bother? If someone is nearing the end of your post, odds are they enjoyed it. Give them more content like the content they just enjoyed. Either suggest another one of your posts or link to similar external content. Your readers will appreciate your recommendation and you can build relationships with other content creators this way.

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