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8 Important Social Media Integration Strategies to Implement in 2021

Have you ever introduced two different friend groups to each other? Ideally, they’ll hit it off and form a mega-group of friends. Then you won’t ever need to divide time between them. However, this isn’t always the case.

When it comes to your content living on different channels, you have a greater degree of control. Create a seamless experience for your audience with these 8 important social media integration strategies to implement in 2021 from Hootsuite.

  • Add social sharing links to your blog posts. When you’ve put time and energy into a new blog post, you’ll want to make sure it performs well. Give readers an easy way to share your content once they’ve reached the end. You don’t need a button for every social channel in existence but include those most relevant to your audience.
  • Add social posts to your website. Showcasing your social feed or posts with your branded hashtags is a great way to show site visitors what kind of content they’ll see if they follow you. It can also reveal quality user-generated content that reflects well on your brand.
  • Create a social login option. People have so many passwords for so many sites. Creating another one just adds more to their plate. If your site requires an account and logins, then allow visitors to login via their Google or Facebook account. People tend to prefer logging in with social accounts.
  • Remind subscribers of your social community (and incentivize them). Send out blasts here and there highlighting some posts from your social feeds. Give people a taste of your brand’s content on different channels. Talking about upcoming promos that will only be found on social is a great incentive for sign-ups.

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