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8 Overlooked Mobile Design Best Practices You Need to Implement

Speaking of “Age of Distraction,” thanks to those Holy Rectangles in our hands, 93% of all Internet users go online via their smartphones.

As of 2016, 62% of B2B marketers and 51% of B2C marketers have optimized their blogs for mobile in order to improve SEO. Let’s also consider that mobile-friendly is an SEO ranking factor. Not to mentionnnn, that users are 5x more likely to leave a site that isn’t mobile-friendly.  

Okay, you get it, making a mobile-friendly site is highly in your favor. But don’t let a disconnect between your site on desktop and non-desktop devices thwart your marketing efforts.

Today’s Read is bringing to light some often-overlooked mobile design best practices to ensure your marketing funnel is effective err’where.

  1. Get rid of your navbar. The most popular way is by using a “hamburger menu” instead. Remember, real estate is at a premium on a phone screen. Make the space count.
  2. Keep important elements within reach. Literally. Organize content so that primary interactions are front and center, and secondary/tertiary functions are at the top and bottom screen edges. Why? 75% of users only use one thumb to interact.
  3. Link phone numbers and addresses. Clickable links save your visitors time and effort, and then they’ll be more inclined to use your services.
  4. Optimize forms mobile. In other words, make ‘em short to avoid a lot of typing. Reduce the fields or split it up into steps.
  5. Utilize collapsible sections/accordions. Accordions are containers that hold content; they show up as only a header and expand once a user taps on them. You’ll need your awesome designer or developer to help you out with this type of front-end work. Worth it!

Check out the rest, plus a whole lot more explanation and how-tos, below!


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