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8 Overlooked Social Media Tactics That Can Increase Conversion Rates

It’s easy to get comfortable when a strategy you’ve been implementing for a while is working for you. Repeating tactics for the same level of impact. But, “if you never stop to question your routine, you’ll keep going down the same path. You’ll be stagnant.” Or worse—predictable.  

We don’t know about you, but “stagnant” and “predictable” don’t cut it for us. Seriously, our CMO (and creator of this here newsletter) is constantly looking to new strategies and more ways to tap into social media. Hi Nick, we <3 love you!

So if stale strategy sounds wack to you too, today’s Read from Kissmetrics is a solid source that can help your brand or business sail forward, not just float. Say farewell to tepid waters.

Here are a few tactics to kick things off:

  1. Use Thoughtful, Conversion-Oriented Social Sharing Buttons — a good social sharing button obviously increases engagement and drives virality. But makes a good social sharing button? Clarity, non-interference with the content, and strategic placement (which is to say, place your buttons just at the moment someone feels compelled to share your quality content).
  2. Participate in Social Forum Sites and Add Value — Reddit, Quora, and Inbound are full of active communities. Valuable participation can help get more attention on your brand. Here’s an example of a Quora answer that shot to the top because of the time and insight shared.
  3. Play Nice with OthersNo one wants to follow a robot online. Be the social media account you wish to see in the world. Tag those you’ve quoted and mentioned when you share on social. Curate content. Give, give, give (Infographics, insights, stats, stories, etc.)
  4. Use Social Media as a Primary Support Channel — fun fact: in the last two years, customer service interactions on Twitter have increased 250%. Make it personalized and personable. Give a friendly answer quickly and efficiently, like how Casper tweeted here.

All right, you’re halfway there! →


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