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8 Types of Remarketing to Consider

Remarketing (or “retargeting,” whichever term floats your boat) can be an effective paid media tactic because it serves ads to users who have already engaged with your brand. Those users are more likely to fully convert!

Search Engine Journal put together 8 different approaches to consider for your paid media planning. Here are our top 5:

  1. Pricing Page Visitors: If a shopper visits a pricing page, that’s a good sign they are further along in the product research process than the average homepage visitor. Separate out this audience and serve them an ad with higher intent to see a demo or speak with sales.
  2. Industry-Specific Page Visitors: Segmenting audiences by industry can be easy if you have pages on your site dedicated to each industry. Build separate remarketing audiences for each of those pages. Target unique ads tailored by industry to speak more specifically to these people based on their needs.
  3. Previous Purchasers: Repeat customers are more likely to convert again than a brand new customer. The products you promote and the timing for future remarketing depend on the type of product purchased. If you have solid customer account tracking, you can market related products based on their previous purchases.
  4. Higher Funnel Converters: Converting a prospect to a sale rarely happens on a single touchpoint. Offering a high-value asset like a guide or webinar can build an audience of people who are interested in your insight. Think through buying stages and build out remarketing for each part of the process.
  5. Video Viewers: Video view remarketing can capture intent from people who haven’t even visited your website. YouTube, Meta, and LinkedIn are three popular channels allowing for the creation of view remarketing audiences.

Check out the full Search Engine Journal article for the other 3 retargeting approaches that you could be using in your paid media planning.


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