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8 Unconventional Marketing Tactics

VP of Marketing at Sparktoro and Adweek Contributor Amanda Natividad shared some unconventional marketing tactics on X:

  1. Add friction. Duncan Hines’ boxed cake didn’t always require eggs, but once the brand added a little extra work that made people feel like they achieved something, sales soared.
  2. White-glove service. It’s not scalable to give every new customer personal attention and connection. But in the early days, it can make all the difference.
  3. Give it away for free. Offering something of value for free, like a real resource, helps people trust and recommend you.
  4. Master one channel at a time. If you don’t have the resources to do everything well, do one thing excellently.
  5.  Go niche. Get better ROI from a small channel like a niche newsletter.
  6. Go easy on em. Remind customers of recurring charges, and don’t pull tricks that frustrate them.
  7. Delete, delete, delete. Remove disengaged subscribers from your email list.
  8. Freely promote others. It makes you look trustworthy, and it could lead to cool collabs.

The full thread is on X.


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