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8 Ways To Ensure Gated Content Reaches The Right Audiences

We know gated content is a great lead-gen tactic. Not only can users become potential prospects, qualified leads, and, hopefully, converted sales from it, they help identify your effective content. But maybe you need some help to make sure your gated content is giving you the best performance.

Forbes Agency Council weighed in on how to get the right gated content in front of the right peeps to get into your marketing funnel:

  1. Mix It! Link your gated content in with your ungated content.
  2. Optimize It! As with all content, make sure your gated stuff has the right keywords to support it.
  3. Visualize It! Yes, people got to your gated content somehow, but you’ll still need creative messages and visuals to attract them sign up for it.
  4. Advocate It! Utilizing an advocacy platform will enable you to distribute individual links with tracking.
  5. Offer It! (Later) Never make gated content your first touch. Offer it up at later stages of a user’s content journey.
  6. Bot It! Use an intelligent chatbot instead of a traditional form to engage with your user directly.
  7. Send It! Offering to send gated content via email or text sets up a fair exchange between you and the consumer.
  8. Repurpose It! Break your content up into a series of blog posts on your website with your CTA to download the full, gated piece.

See the full article for breakdowns on each gated content tip.


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