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8 Ways to Use Color to Increase Conversions of Your Landing Page

We are naturally inclined to process visuals and colors much faster than text. Color psychology can have a huge impact on the way your potential customers react to your products. Mention pulled the stats on it!

Here are 8 suggestions when using color for landing page conversion:

  1. Use Blue for Trust: Blue is considered a cool color, the color of trust, responsibility, honesty, and loyalty, making it great for trust-building pages.
  2. Use Red for Urgency: The color red has the potential to increase someone’s heart rate and blood pressure and evoke feelings of urgency. It’s been tested to increase conversions by 20% when used in place of green.
  3. Use Yellow + Orange for Optimism: These colors are both great for instilling feelings of happiness, confidence, friendliness, and caution. Just be wary as they are notorious for being difficult for visual accessibility.
  4. Use Green for Growth: The color green tends to convey the message of growth, harmony, vitality, fertility. It’s often used in landing pages for a sense of balance.
  5. Use Black for Prestige: Careful! On one end black can symbolize luxury, on the other it symbolizes death and mystery.
  6. Use Tons of White Space: Now that you know some color feels, don’t wanna overdo it. White space lets your content breathe and makes it easier to direct focus.
  7. Choose Your Colors With Data: Choose your colors based on your particular brand needs and content performance. Leverage A/B testing while doing so.
  8. Take Psychological Color Associations Seriously: Visitors can make up their mind up about bouncing from a page in the first few seconds. Start with your tailored content then use psychological color association to push your best stuff forward effectively.

Check out the full post by Mention for all the colorful stats and real brand examples.


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