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9 Content Marketing Myths

While you’re waiting around for AI to be smart enough to create all of your blogs, infographics, and ebooks for you… there’s always time to adjust your approach to content marketing. Here are 9 content marketing myths for a quick gut-check:

  1. Producing content doesn’t make you an authority on your industry. To rank as a thought leader, your publishing schedule must be consistent, and your content must be high-quality enough to be cited by other reliable sources.
  2. A simple blog is not enough. Your blog is just one of the pillars holding up your brand, and it should be fortified with keyword research and analysis, customer support, and original content that ladders back up to your brand purpose.
  3. More is not more. Instead of struggling to produce an unsustainable volume of content, focus on offering genuinely helpful, well-researched content at regular intervals to boost your reputation and increase conversions.
  4. Not everything should be automated. Know when to delegate tasks to automation platforms and AI, and know when to show up and be available for spontaneous engagement and viral opportunities.
  5. Keep tweaking. “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” doesn’t apply. What worked well for your business or brand in Q1 may be tired strategy by next Q2.
  6. Content marketing is not advertising. This is not the channel for hard selling, but for building relationships. You can create a conversion funnel from your content, but it is going to be a longer funnel.
  7. Don’t focus on link building alone. Your first priority should be to create content with depth, interest, and relevance to your audience. From there comes authority, search engine prominence, and backlinks.
  8. Virality isn’t everything. Simply put: your content isn’t a failure if it doesn’t go viral.
  9. This work isn’t easy. It’s a tall order to be an expert, a creative, and a strategist in one. Don’t underestimate the challenge, and keep yourself sharp with resources and training.

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